Hello, my name is Chris Barclay. Creating jewelry is my way of expressing creativity and fabricating art through wearable objects.

I created my jewelry business in 2013. For years I have sold my creations in an array of stores in Connecticut. I am excited to now introduce my new online shop.

15 years ago, my mother introduced me to beading and I have never stopped since. From beading I learned to solder marbles, colored glass and sea glass. I developed an interest in working with resin and re-purposing jewelry into new necklaces and rings. I also stamp copper and sterling silver, and I am currently experimenting with patina.

I reside in the lower Connecticut River Valley, but originally come from Toronto, where I received a General Arts and Science Certificate from Humber College and a B.A. in Specialized Geography from York University.

After college, I spent years backpacking through Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and Southeast Asia. When I met my husband, Dan, we continued to travel with his work in Taiwan and Brazil. However, traveling came to a halt when I embarked on an entirely new adventure. Raising my kids has been my greatest passion in life.

I invite you to explore my creations. I also welcome custom orders, so please feel free to contact me. I would love to collaborate with you on a one-of-a-kind design that is made just for you.